Update: Supa Strikas take strides

Further cosmetic improvements to the rankings ● ESEA Playoffs begin ● AsiaFortress Week 5 (and a bit of Week 4) ● Overview of Rankings movements


Further cosmetic improvements to the rankings

I’ve added some new stuff to the rankings tables that provide some context to the current order. There are now indicators showing how the situation of each team and player has changed since the previous week. The arrows on the left show positional changes and those on the right show by how much the actual score has changed. Overall, this helps to highlight the most significant movements of the week.

You’ll notice that, in general, players and teams have seen a score loss of roughly 18 points each since last week. This is related to how the scoring system works – each player’s score is derived from the number of people in the list who have a worse weighted hit-rate (green) and worse mileage (pink) than they do. Overall, scores go down in weeks when more players are removed from the list (because they’ve not made an appearance in 500 matches) than are added. When it’s the reverse, most people will see a net gain.

ESEA Playoffs begin

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AsiaFortress Week 5 (and a bit of Week 4)

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Overview of Rankings movements

The opening couple of matches of ESEA’s playoffs have allowed Ascent to start climbing up the rankings again. They made pretty light work of Gnomercy, which has allowed Ascent to overtake No Safeword as the fourth-best team in the world. Gnomercy haven’t suffered hugely from the loss, only dropping a few points more than the general trend.

The biggest movers of the week have certainly been Supa Strikas. With their Week 4 match delayed to today, they’ve played two matches this week rather than just one. Both matches went well, the first a win over Muscle Revolution Reborn and then a second victory over This Team. This system still believes Supa Strikas are punching above their weight by beating This Team – a team full of players this systems knows to be very capable. Nevertheless, the score gap between them has shrunk by a grand total of 129 points since last week, having now shrunk to 111. Another week like this and Supa Strikas would take up what is probably their rightful place as Asia’s second-best team.

Supa Strikas’ success this week, plus that of TEAM FORTRESS 2, has also boosted the OZF19 team Right Wing Death Squad upwards slightly by proxy. This is due to the presence of Fwishy and hsr on the Australian team. The former is now in the the world’s top 50 players.

Elmo briefly rose to fourth in the world earlier this week, but since then he’s been passed again by Nursey, Blaze, and then Paddie.

Aishou, of TEAM FORTRESS 2, rose to new heights this week and is currently ranked 62nd in the world. Kachow, Lerl, Nasi, and Vetia of Supa Strikas have all made massive inroads over the course of the week as well.

Ma3la’s clawing his way back up the list again now that Ascent have had a venue for the first time in a couple of weeks. His record bottomed out at 2/7 before this week’s game, in which he got gilded, so now he’s on 3/8. This has permitted a jump of 75 positions up the list, back into the world’s top 200.

Killer went ungilded in This Team’s delayed Week 4 match against Supa Strikas, and he’s dropped 101 positions in the rankings. This is due to the combined effect of his not getting gilded today, and the removal of a Season 10 match, in which he was gilded, from the records.


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