Predictions for AFC 12 Week 5

Muscle Revolution Reborn vs. Supa Strikas

Last week, Muscle Revolution were able to take a map off of Cookie Monster, just like This Team did before them. Supa Strikas, meanwhile, tied with Cookie Monster on one map when they played each other in Week 2 and beat them quite convincingly on the other. That might suggest that Supa Strikas should have something of an edge over a team of Muscle Revolution’s calibre.

This ranking system generally agrees with that sentiment, with Supa Strikas currently being ranked about 70 points clear of Muscle Revolution. The projection machine expects Muscle Revolution to have enough strength in them to put up a good fight, which may be enough to prevent their opponents from taking both maps. Overall, it’s expecting Supa Strikas to win more rounds and generally be the superior team.

Projection: Muscle Revolution Reborn 2.0 – 3.0 Supa Strikas

TEAM FORTRESS 2 vs. Cookie Monster

Because of last week’s match between Cookie Monster and Muscle Revolution Reborn, which ended with one map win going to each team, it might be fair to assume that Cookie Monster stand a similar chance against TEAM FORTRESS 2 to what Muscle Revolution did in Week 3. On that occasion, it was a 5-0 roll on both maps. That doesn’t bode well for Cookie Monster, then.

The machine, accordingly, is only giving Cookie Monster a slim chance of securing a round in this match. If Cookie Monster can summon the sort of tenacity they showed against This Team a couple of weeks ago, though, they might be able to put up a tougher fight than that.

Projection: TEAM FORTRESS 2 4.9 – 0.1 Cookie Monster


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