Update: Velocity eSports almost catch Faint Gaming

Small presentation adjustments ● ESEA Week 9  AsiaFortress Week 4 Lowpander vs. Svift Showmatch ● ETF2L Prolands Cup Grand Final Speculation on the near future of European TF2 Overview of Rankings movements

Updated Rankings here

Small presentation adjustments

I’ve made a couple of tiny changes to the presentation of the rankings and the match charts below. The former now differentiates between the two scout roles. It detects if the player last played a heals-heavy pocket/combo role or a generally less heals-heavy flank/utility role. Just like with the two soldier roles, the pocket variant is differentiated by a darker colouration.

With the match charts, as seen below, I’ve added a space where the teams’ average DPM is shown, next to where their average KA:Ds are, and above the individual players’ DPM figures.

ESEA Week 9

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Gnomercy and Lunatik eSports forfeited their matches against Ascent.

AsiaFortress Week 4

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The match between Supa Strikas and This Team has been delayed to the following week.

Lowpander vs. Svift Showmatch

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ETF2L Prolands Cup Grand Final

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Because the top tier of this tournament featured players of generally High calibre, I've put just the Top Grand Final on record.

Speculation on the near future of European TF2

It’s hard to tell at the moment whether SE7EN still truly exists or not. They were, at least, seen yesterday playing against Antic. On that occassion they had Hafficool and Thalash on scout, Kaptain on pocket, Stark roaming, Kaidus on demo, and Raymon on medic.

Currently, that roster is worth exactly 1005 points in this ranking system. That would put them in third place in the world behind Froyotech and Jasmine Tea. Until i61, at least, I’m leaving the European rosters on the list as they were in Season 27, lest we get too tangled up in trials.

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding SE7EN’s near-future intentions, especially regarding i61. If the whole point of their scrim yesterday was to decide whether or not it’s worth their while to continue on, then the news might not be overwhelmingly good – they lost two of the four maps they played. On top of that, there’s the question of whether or not they’d continue on for the next ETF2L season.

There’s also uncertainty about what is probably Europe’s second-best team at the moment (as long as SE7EN is still kicking) – Svift. Their i61 campaign has been confirmed for a while, but whether or not there could be life in the team after the LAN is over isn’t yet clear.

What does seem fairly obvious at the moment is that, if Svift do try to continue on in Europe, they probably won’t be doing it with B4nny and Astt. The former suffers a hefty trans-Atlantic ping and the latter apparently has Overwatch commitments.

It’s totally possible they’d be able to fill those spots in with new people, of course, if they wanted to. There’s another famous Finn who’s started playing some competitive TF2 again in the past week or so – Cookye. As for the empty soldier spot, perhaps Rising could be tempted over. His prospective arrival would allow Silentes to move back onto pocket, which is the role he played with Full Tilt, if he wanted to.

Obviously, the chances are that what actually materialises won’t resemble this at all. The point is that there’s plenty of talent available in Europe to fill the void left by any post-i61 alumni.

Overview of Rankings movements

The biggest movements of the past week have definitely come from the ESEA playoffs rivals Faint Gaming and Velocity eSports. A week ago there was a hefty score gap between them that almost certainly didn’t reflect reality. This anomaly has been more-or-less corrected now that that Faint Gaming have dropped down a bit and Velocity have moved up. There’s just 11 points between them now, in a reversal of 58 points, with the playoffs-contesting Faint Gaming just a whisker ahead.

Other than that, there’s not really been significant movement among the world’s top teams. Cookie Monster and Muscle Revolution Reborn have both moved up a little bit after their match last week.

Ascent have, for the second week in a row, not had an official to play in because people keep forfeiting against them. This means they’ve had no chance to build some distance over Gnomercy, who remain close behind them in the rankings.

Because of No Safeword’s great successes in the past couple of Ozfortress seasons, Enrith has managed to hold the position of top demoman for a number of weeks now. That phase appears to have come to an end now that Habib and Bdonski have both caught him.

There’s a close battle brewing between Europe’s best scouts in this list. Puoskari, Sorex, and Maros have all been considered pretty much exactly as good as each other by this system for a little while now, and it’s a battle that might, in time, be joined by Thaigrr, Thalash, and maybe Funs. At stake is the title of second-best scout in Europe, as Starkie remains a strong 60 points clear of all of them at minimum.

It’s been a relatively quiet week, really, so there’s not a great deal else to report. All of the week’s matches went more-or-less as expected, meaning they didn’t result in any substantial rankings movements.


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