Update: Froyotech strike back

ESEA Week 8  ETF2L Grand Final ● Ozfortress Grand Final AsiaFortress Week 3 Essentials.TF One Night Cup Overview of Rankings movements

Updated Rankings here

ESEA Week 8

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Lunatik eSports forfeited their match against Meat Market

ETF2L Grand Final

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Ozfortress Grand Final

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AsiaFortress Week 3

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Essentials.TF One Night Cup

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Given the high standard of teams entering this tournament, the grand final, semi-finals, and quarter-finals have all been put on-record

Overview of Rankings movements

After losing quite convincingly to Arctic Foxes in the ETF2L Prem Grand Final, SE7EN have been supplanted by Froyotech as what this system sees as the world’s best team. I think this match marked the first time SE7EN/Crowns have been 5-0’d since Sauna Slayers – another team that fielded Silentes and Alle. Time and again have those two proven to be the kryptonite of Kaidus teams.

SE7EN are still considered the best team in Europe by a good margin, however, so this system thinks a rematch of the final would end differently if it were played again tomorrow. They’re now seven points behind Froyotech and 15 ahead of Jasmine Tea.

With the Ozfortress season now over, Jasmine have widened their advantage over No Safeword from 40 points to 57, leaving them ranked comfortably as the third-best team in the world. Elmo is ranked higher than ever – he currently holds the rank of fifth in the world and top Aussie. Johno, too, has broken into the top ten. If this team stays together and plays again next season to the same high standard, they might well have a chance of becoming the world’s Number-1 team.

No Safeword remain a whisker ahead of Ascent in the rankings despite their loss in the Grand Final. Ascent didn’t have a chance to play last week, so they’ve not had any real way to move forward. In fact, every new match that’s added to the records takes a year-old one away, and Ma3la’s old Ronin performances are gradually being wiped away. When he joined the new iteration of Ascent recently, his record was 4/8. Now, it’s 2/8. This is part of the reason why Gnomercy are coming perilously close to overtaking Ascent in the rankings, hinting that their upcoming match might be a close one.

TEAM FORTRESS 2, the leading Asian team, are continuing to have what looks like an easy and leisurely run through this season of AsiaFortress. Part of the reason why they currently hold such a high rank is that no Season 10 AsiaFortress matches have yet fallen outside the 500-match threshold. That will change this upcoming week, when Xiao matches from that season will start to no longer affect the Rankings. This will have the effect of partially cancelling out the effects of their current dominance. For a few of their players, every new gilding gained in Season 12 might quickly be undone again when a Season 10 one is lost.

Svift made their competitive debut in the Essentials.TF One Night Cup – a cracking tournament that they went on to win. When this team formed, their preliminary placement by this system put them generally on Lowpander’s level – an assessment that turned out to be pretty accurate. Product could’ve gone either way, although Gullywash seemed more one-sided. Svift remain ranked ninth in the world, but their advantage over Lowpander has risen from eight points to 56.

Last night also marked the first time this ranking system has encountered Svmzi. He was gilded in Svift’s quarter-final match against Deox Fan Club, but missed out in the subsequent two matches. That means he opens his TF2Metrics account with a 1/3 record, leaving him ranked 297th for now.

Funs had an excellent tournament, getting gilded twice in his three on-record matches. Back in his ChampGG.K days, it sometimes felt like he existed kind of in the shadow of Maros. There’s a certain feeling now, though, that he’s really starting to come alive with Lowpander. A while ago some compared him to Hafficool, which brings some symbolism to the Essentials.TF Grand Final in which he compared favourably to the Icelander.

The gap between Faint Gaming and Velocity eSports has grown inexplicably wide in the past week. A couple of weeks ago, Velocity were ahead having beaten Faint Gaming in their Week 7 match. Now Velocity are a hefty 69 points adrift. I think this is partly because Velocity were beaten by Froyotech last week (a prospect that Faint are going to be facing this week, which could help to correct things), and partly because a pair of Scizor gildings from Season 22 were wiped from memory this week. This has left him ranked 80th when last week he was 53rd.

Asia’s This Team have moved up quite a lot from 22nd to 15th in the world despite dropping a map to Cookie Monster last week. The truth of the matter is that this progress isn’t thanks to the match result, but instead it’s due to increasing clarity regarding who exactly is on their usual six-man roster.

The newly-rebranded Ascent.EU, formerly known as Unexpected, have had a lucrative week after reaching the final four in the Essentials.TF Cup, dispatching Antic along the way. They’ve overtaken Top5rocket in the rankings (a move that was quite overdue, to be honest) and are just 19 points shy of playoffs-contending LEGO.

The two teams who contested the Ozfortress Intermediate Grand Final are now listed in the team rankings as well. The victorious S A D B O Y S, featuring Yui, have been placed right among some of the Prem teams such as Dog the Boys and Xenophobiaphobia as the 22nd-best team in the world. Their opponents, Salt Free Gaming, have been placed in a more modest 30th, behind the two ETF2L High finalists.


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