Update: New AsiaFortress teams

ESEA Week 5  ETF2L Week 7 ● Ozfortress Week 7 AsiaFortress Season 12 commences Overview of Rankings movements

Updated Rankings here

ESEA Week 5

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ETF2L Week 7

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Arctic Foxes forfeited their match against LEGO.

Ozfortress Week 7

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Dog the Boys forfeited their match against Xenophobiaphobia, and Jamane forfeited their match against Damage Inc.

AsiaFortress Season 12 commences

The new AsiaFortress season is beginning this week. There are five Division 1 teams this season, including the new iteration of Xiao, who came second last season as bb Tommy, this time going by the name TEAM FORTRESS 2. Burger Apocalypse, the reigning champions, have ceased to be.

At this point it’s not crystal clear what each team’s active six-man roster will be, but the pool of players these six will come from has been published in AsiaFortress’s team directory. Any listed player with a presence in these rankings has been assigned to that team, even though there’s no guarantee they’ll be a part of the main roster. For some of the teams, the number of ranked players at their disposal is over six (as it is with Xiao), and with others it is fewer (as with Supa Strikas).

You can get a little more insight about the teams here.

Overview of Rankings movements

Last week, Froyotech just barely edged ahead of EVL Gaming, who had been the world’s number-1 team since the beginning of the ESEA season. The pair have since switched back, and EVL has regained the number-1 spot with a modest lead of three points over Froyotech. Behind the pair, SE7EN remain just shy of 20 points away.

Jasmine Tea are now considered the fourth-best team in the world after giving No Safeword their first loss in a long time in the final week of the Ozfortress group stage.

Xiao’s preliminary ranking has put them 12th-best in the world, in the company of such teams as Velocity eSports and Damage Inc.

Velocity are now ranked slightly in front of Faint Gaming, who a week ago they were a short distance behind. This is because both teams have seen roster changes lately. Velocity have replaced Saam with Scizor, which has brought the team’s overall points score up slightly. Faint Gaming, meanwhile, have parted company with Meyy and brought in Vand as their new medic. The pocket role, meanwhile, is now taken up by EvilMrMuffinz after it was previously held intermittently by Goldfish and Delpo. These changes have caused a slight lowering of their score. The combined effects of these movements have left Velocity with an edge.

Right Wing Death Squad have moved up from 20th to 15th in the world after picking up Doge on medic and soundly beating Nature Walk last week, thereby earning themselves a spot in the playoffs.

Meat Market are another team that’s made some progress up the order. They were ranked 26th a week ago, and now, after a week that saw them win two matches, they’re up to 19th. In their most recent match, they played with Alec instead of CheesyMacgyver and Skeez instead of Zheep. I don’t know if their substitution is a permanent thing or not, so for now their listed roster in the rankings remains unchanged. If the changes are permanent, it won’t have a big effect on their score.

Fable eSports are no longer last in the team rankings. They’ve overtaken Jamane all by themselves, and Asia’s Muscle Revolution Reborn have received an initial ranking below the pair of them.

Svift’s position in the rankings has changed since last week for a couple of reasons. First, I fixed a bug in the logic that produces the teams’ scores. Last week, Svift’s score was based only on the currently ranked players (those being everyone except Astt and Svmzi). The average of the other four should have come out at 713, but instead the figure it gave was 606. The reason for that was due to an oversight by me related to how the team list recognises instances of the team name in the columns next to each player. That’s been fixed and works fine now, and it wouldn’t have affected any other team.

On top of that, I decided that Astt and Svmzi should be included in that average even though they’re unranked. I thought it was only fair since we know who the scouts on the team will be, and we know they’re both unranked and contribute a score of zero, so the maths should be allowed to unfold as if they were ranked. What this means is that Svift’s average score has come down from 713 to 442, which puts them miles down in Dog the Boys territory. This is clearly not a representative place for them to be, which is why I’ve recently been looking for ways to revise this ranking system to alleviate situations like this, and I believe I’ve found a good one. More on that later this week.


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