Predictions for ESEA 25 Week 6 & AFC 12 Week 1


Faint Gaming vs. EVL Gaming

When these teams met eachother for the first time early in the season, it was a red-faced moment for EVL when they failed to stop Faint Gaming from taking the win. This match will be EVL’s chance to make amends for the loss that started it all.

Faint Gaming have made some roster changes recently. Vand is in on medic and EvilMrMuffinz has taken over the pocket role, both of them Hibbleton refugees. Their first outing saw them take on Meat Market, and they lost 5-1. If these changes were made by choice rather than necessity, the team will be wanting to see them pay off soon.

EVL ought to be beyond Faint Gaming’s reach, but that’s exactly what we all thought last time. Things have changed since then, though, and I’m sure EVL won’t be bringing any complacency this time.

The projection machine believes EVL shouldn’t have much trouble if they can deliver their full potential. It sees enough strength in Faint Gaming’s new roster to maybe secure a round, but perhaps nothing more.

Projection: Faint Gaming 0.7 – 5.0 EVL Gaming

Froyotech vs. Meat Market

Meat Market come into this one off the back of a two-win streak that started against Faint Gaming and continued against Fable eSports. Froyotech, of course, are a different beast entirely.

In that Fable eSports game, Meat Market played with Skeez and Alec instead of Zheep and CheesyMacgyver. I’m not sure if their substitution is a permanent thing or not, but their score in the rankings isn’t affected much either way.

The machine thinks Froyotech should find this match quite easy, and it doesn’t expect Meat Market to even win a single round, although it does concede that such a thing could still be a possibility.

Projection: Froyotech 5.0 – 0.3 Meat Market

Velocity eSports vs. Gnomercy

With Faint Gaming showing signs of shakiness, it looks like Velocity’s playoffs aspirations might yet get back on track. A good result against Gnomercy would certainly help to cement such a claim.

Velocity have recently brought in Scizor, another Hibbleton refugee, to replace Saam. Scizor is ahead of the man he replaced in the rankings – he’s about forty positions ahead, hovering around 80th in the world. At the time of writing, Velocity have retaken a small advantage over Faint Gaming in the team rankings.

Gnomercy is still a considerable distance ahead, however. They appear to be a step ahead on pretty much all fronts. The combination of Yight and Slemnish is ranked a little bit higher than that of Shamoo and Scizor, Aim is similarly ahead of Kryptonite, and it’s the same with Dingo and Jarrett and Cookiejake and Bear. The one exception is with the roamers – the numbers suggest Marmaloo has been having an excellent time on Velocity so far, so much so that he’s ranked ever so slightly ahead of Marmaduke at the minute.

The machine expects Velocity to put up a good fight, but ultimately the win should go to Gnomercy. There’ll be no room for complacency, though.

Projection: Velocity eSports 2.0 – 5.0 Gnomercy

EVL Gaming vs. Fable eSports

Fable are still looking for that elusive maiden win. Sure enough, they were beaten pretty soundly by Froyotech last week, and only got a small look in against Meat Market later in the week.

As you might imagine, their chances don’t look any better against EVL. The machine expects nothing other than a quick and easy 5-0 for last season’s runners-up.

Projection: EVL Gaming 5.0 – 0.0 Fable eSports

Gnomercy vs. Faint Gaming

Any team that can beat Gnomercy must surely have a strong claim on the hotly-contested fourth playoffs spot. So far, only the big two have managed to do that, though. Between Velocity eSports, Faint Gaming, and possibly Meat Market, there could still be opportunities for another team to join that club.

When these teams first came to blows, Gnomercy took a nice solid 5-1 victory. The machine thinks the gap between these teams may have closed a bit since then. Its expectations here are very similar to what it anticipates from Gnomercy’s Velocity match – a hard-fought loss for Faint Gaming.

Projection: Gnomercy 5.0 – 1.8 Faint Gaming

Lunatik eSports vs. Velocity eSports

Lunatik eSports currently only have forfeit victories to their name, and are yet to win a match in anger. There have been some changes to their roster lately, which saw Sighguy move back to his signature demo role to replace Moy, opening up the pocket slot for Meyy. Hopefully a proper victory is soon to come their way, perhaps against Fable eSports in a couple of weeks if nowhere else.

Velocity eSports might still be a little bit beyond their reach. In their first match earlier in the season, Velocity took the win 5-1. After facing loss after loss since then, the projection machine’s confidence in Lunatik eSports isn’t especially high and it wouldn’t be surprised if the result this time around is even more one-sided. It doesn’t think Velocity should have too much trouble here.

Projection: Lunatik eSports 0.3 – 5.0 Velocity eSports


At this point in the season, I’m not 100% sure of what the teams’ active six-man rosters will be. What is clear is the pool of players those six will come from. To produce these projections, I’ve simply averaged out the scores of every ranked player on each team’s list, no matter how many there are that fit those cirteria (e.g. Xiao’s average comes from nine players, Supa Strikas from three).

This Team vs. Muscle Revolution Reborn

Both of these teams are successors to ones we saw last season. This Team features a great deal of Motley Crew DNA, while Muscle Revolution Reborn is, naturally, a continuation of last season’s Muscle Revolution.

The latter spent a lot of last season as the bottom-ranked Asian team by these metrics, whereas A Motley Crew hovered around the middle of the pack. Muscle Revolution have picked up pretty much where they left off in that regard. At this early point in the season, with no matches played yet, Muscle Revolution start as the lowest ranked team in Division 1, and at the bottom of the list of top level international teams.

This Team, however, have the initial rank of second-best in the region – a good distance clear of Cookie Monster and Supa Strikers. This initial assessment puts them in Xenophobiaphobia/Nunya/Dog the Boys territory.

Compared to Muscle Revolution, there’s a big score disparity. The projection machine is expecting This Team to overpower Muscle Revolution with ease.

Projection: This Team 5.0 – 0.0 Muscle Revolution Reborn

Supa Strikas vs. TEAM FORTRESS 2

Xiao, who came a close second last season as bb Tommy, are back again this season under the new guise of TEAM FORTRESS 2. With reigning champions Burger Apocalypse consigned to the history books, Xiao come into this season as the favourites by this metric. Their roster features a number of excellent familiar players such as Teejay and Cloverella.

This will definitely be a baptism of fire for Supa Strikas. This team doesn’t bare much resemblance to any that contested last season, and only three of its rostered players currently have a rankings entry. These are Fwishy (who also plays on RWDS), Moosepi, and Rising. Of these, Fwishy is by far the highest-ranked.

Supa Strikas’ initial ranking puts them 26th in the world, roughly level with Cookie Monster, who aren’t playing this week because Div-1 features an odd number of teams. Xiao, meanwhile, have been given the preliminary ranking of 12th in the world. The score gap is significant, and the machine doubts that Supa Strikas will be able to contest the well-proven talent on the side of Xiao. Domination is expected, but will it be delivered?

Projection: Supa Strikas 0.0 – 5.0 TEAM FORTRESS 2


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