AsiaFortress Season 12 Preview

This season’s top division of AsiaFortress features five teams. The regular season will consist of five rounds, with all the teams playing eachother once. Because there is an odd number of teams contesting Division 1, each team will have one bye week over the course of the group stage.

At this point in the season, I’m not 100% sure what the teams’ active six-man rosters will be. What is clear is the pool of players those six will come from. These initial rankings are therefore derived from the average scores of every ranked player on each team’s list, no matter how many there are that fit those criteria (e.g. Xiao’s average comes from nine players, Supa Strikas from three).

Preliminary Rankings

1) TEAM FORTRESS 2 [score: 601]

This is the newest iteration of the team that won Season 10 as Xiao and last season came a close second as bb Tommy. This season’s roster features a great deal of traditional Xiao talent such as Cloverella, Kcot, 26, Jigglesaur, and B4it. Tommy’s on there, too, after sitting out last season (hence bb Tommy), but his presence may well just be down to heritage rather than intent to play. Having said that, he’s had a presence in recent logs featuring the team.

I expect this team are the favourites to win by pretty much everyone’s reckoning. A significant proportion of Asia’s top talent is concentrated on this team. Teejay and Cloverella, especially, are highly rated by this ranking system. It sees them as not only being among the best in Asia, but among the best in the world at their respective roles. Teejay’s all the way up among the world’s top 20 players by these metrics. Cloverella, meanwhile, is considered one of the world’s best roamers, ranked closely with such players as Thaigrr, Garbuglio, and dd5f.

2) This Team [score: 479]

This Team is a spiritual successor to last season’s A Motley Crew, and features many of the same players. Four of the players on the team’s roster are either in or very close to the world’s top 100 players according to this system. Cynic is the highest of all of them, followed closely by Ry4n, Aloy, and then Jopper.

There’s a consistent level of recognised talent at this team’s disposal, then, but it doesn’t quite match the magnitude of that which is available to Xiao. Nevertheless, This Team could well have what it takes to contest this season’s grand final.

3) Supa Strikas [score: 377]

Only three players on this team’s roster currently have a rankings entry. The highest of these by a long way is Fwishy – who this system sees as Asia’s third-best player.

Joining him are Moosepi and Rising, both of whom are ranked outside the world’s top 200 by these metrics. Rising’s last on-record match was back in February during Week 1 of last season when he played medic with BALI 6.

Another player on the team is Vetia, who used to have a spot in these rankings but has since become unranked due to prolonged absence. He was last seen playing with Memesquad during Season 10. He had four entries in total but was never ranked higher than 266th. Nobody else on the team’s roster is known to this ranking system, including Lerl, the team captain.

4) Cookie Monster [score: 348]

There’s HBZB DNA here in the form of Hwain, Daylight, Dscore, and Phex. The former three are all ranked well within the world’s top 200 players according to this system. Timo is also known to the rankings after he played a couple of games with bb Tommy last season, but he and Phex are much lower in the order.

As far as this ranking system is concerned, there’s a lot more familiarity available with this team than there is with Supa Strikas, but there’s no standout like there is with Fwishy. Averaging these things out leaves the two teams ranked very closely to eachother, down near the tail end of the international team rankings.

5) Muscle Revolution Reborn [score: 192]

Muscle Revolution were a team that contested AsiaFortress last season. For a long time they were ranked bottom among their Division 1 peers, and sure enough they failed to make the playoffs. Apparently, this has done nothing to dampen their spirits as they return in Season 12 to have another go.

This ‘reborn’ iteration of the team features a lot of the same players, and so their initial ranking is not unlike the one they left off on last season – last among the Division 1 teams. There are eight players on the team’s roster that are known to this ranking system, and between them they have 27 entries on record. Their gilding count, however, is much more modest at a mere three on record. They were earned by Tusic76, Okome, and EoLA last season. This low gilding ratio is part of the reason why the rankings don’t have much confidence in the team at this point.

Nevertheless, the experience these players have will surely contribute something when the actual matches start. There’s barely anyone on this team I don’t recognise from previous Div-1 entries. Their preliminary rank may be the lowest of everyone, but this team could very feasibly over-perform.


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