Update: Froyotech barely edge out EVL as World #1

ESEA Week 4  ETF2L Week 6 ● Ozfortress Week 6 Overview of Rankings movements

Updated Rankings here

ESEA Week 4

ESEA25 - Froyotech v Velocity eSportsESEA25 - Faint Gaming v FroyotechESEA25 - Meat Market v Velocity eSportsESEA25 - Fable eSports v Faint GamingESEA25 - Gnomercy v EVL GamingESEA25 - Lunatik eSports v Meat Market

My jaw hit the floor when I saw the result of the Faint Gaming v. Froyotech match. Three rounds to four, just barely in Froyotech’s favour. I was so sure that what happened against EVL and Velocity were going to be isolated incidents of superb play versus teams that weren’t at their best. Now that theory is rapidly rotting away. And then I looked at the match page and saw that Faint Gaming had gone into half time 3-0 up, and the match was only decided during overtime. What?! Faint Gaming have no right – no right whatsoever – to be doing so incredibly well.

Their titan-killing performances have if anything been a step above what Luca Goers did when they laid waste to numerous Invite teams in Season 21 as EVL Gaming. When we look back at the players EVL had back then, it’s easy to wonder why we would be especially impressed by their achievements. This was a team with the likes of Slemnish, Arekk, Aim, Botmode, Habib and Nursey on it – of course they were going to do really well. Most of them have since had stints with Froyotech, of course. At the time it wasn’t so obvious, though.

I wonder if, in three or four seasons’ time, we might feel the same way about this Faint Gaming roster. We’ll look back and wonder why we would be so impressed to see these legendary players finding so much success.

ETF2L Week 6

ETF2L27 - Antic v NunyaETF2L27 - Lowpander v LEGOETF2L27 - nerdRage v Arctic FoxesETF2L27 - SE7EN v Unexpected

Ozfortress Week 6

OZF19 - Jasmine Tea v Damage Inc.OZF19 - Nature Walk v JamaneOZF19 - RWDS v Dog the Boys

Overview of Rankings movements

I’d wondered if this would be the week when SE7EN reclaim their spot as the Number-1 team in the world, but Unexpected saw to it that this wouldn’t happen. The gap between Froyo and SE7EN has opened up from 8 points to 12.

There is a new World Number-1 team, though. Throughout this week, EVL had been losing and reclaiming the top spot to Froyotech. At the end of it all, Froyotech have a minuscule edge over their rivals. Their advantage is so small that it’s decided by invisible decimal places. They and EVL are practically tied. Every match that happens in the upcoming week will have repercussions for this Number-1 spot, and every day the pair could switch places.

Botmode’s been steadily climbing up the order all week. He’s gained twelve places since last week after getting gilded in both of his matches. Froyotech’s other soldier, Blaze, has also been on the move after enjoying the same successes as Botmode this week, and he’s re-entered the world’s top 10 after a while away.

Mr. Epic has made similar gains to Botmode, climbing from 49th to 37th over the course of the week – his highest placement yet.

It’s the same with Raptor, who gained 14 positions to end the week ranked 48th, after peaking at 47th a few days ago fresh off the back of Arctic Foxes’ dominant win over nerdRage.

Faint Gaming’s Campy has broken into the world’s top 50 before Kaidus has, having been gilded in two thirds of his matches so far. This means he’s now ranked in front of the likes of Dingo, Adysky, Elacour, and Moop, all of whom he was behind just a week ago.

Gnomercy only had one match this week and it was a loss to EVL, so their score has gone down since last week by 11 points. They remain the seventh-best team in the world according to these metrics, but the gap to Jasmine Tea and Arctic Foxes above has opened up.

Faint Gaming are continuing to peak in the team rankings. Last week they maxed out in 15th place and this time around they’re sitting very happily in 12th place in the world, and 4th in North America.

The team that Alle and Svmzi founded a while ago is really taking shape now in the run up to i61, and I’ve added their current roster to the rankings. Astt and Svmzi are currently unranked, but the scores of the other four average out at 606, which puts them in Faint Gaming/Velocity eSports/LEGO territory. Not a bad starting point.

Unexpected have overtaken nerdRage for the first time all season. They’re competing with LEGO for the final playoffs spot, and the gap between them has come down from 56 points to 35, but LEGO remains ahead.

Papi got gilded in Nunya’s match against Antic, so he’s now ranked higher than ever before. Ranked as the 150th-best TF2 player in the world, he’s also considered to be Nunya’s best player.

Fable eSports are steadily accumulating points as they gradually get more and more experience under their belts. They’ve apparently picked up Ether to replace Pauldogg. Ether got gilded in the Season 24 IM Grand Final with Dexters Lab, and is therefore the first gilded Fable eSports player. This has also helped to improve their score. Australia’s Jamane is within their sights now.


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