Update: Lowpander up to 8th in the world

ESEA Week 3 (and a bit of Week 2 that I missed)  ETF2L Week 5 (and a bit of Week 4) ● Ozfortress Week 5 (and a bit of Week 6) ● AsiaFortress Season 11 Grand Final  Overview of Rankings movements

Updated Rankings here

ESEA Week 3 (and a bit of Week 2 that I missed)

ESEA25 - EVL Gaming v Fable eSportsESEA25 - Faint Gaming v Legalize RanchESEA25 - Meat Market v GnomercyESEA25 - EVL Gaming v Meat MarketESEA25 - Froyotech v Lunatik eSportsESEA25 - Gnomercy v FroyotechESEA25 - Fable eSports v Legalize Ranch

ETF2L Week 5 (and a bit of Week 4)

ETF2L27 - Arctic Foxes v AnticETF2L27 - SE7EN v AnticETF2L27 - Arctic Foxes v The Absolute NutsETF2L27 - Lowpander v nerdRageETF2L27 - Unexpected v LEGO

Ozfortress Week 5 (and a bit of Week 6)

OZF19 - No Safeword v Nature Walk2OZF19 - RWDS v Damage IncOZF19 - Dog the Boys v JamaneOZF19 - Xenophobiaphobia v No Safeword

AsiaFortress Season 11 Grand Final

AFC11 - GF - Burger Apocalypse v bb Tommy

Overview of Rankings movements

Teejay’s had an excellent week after really standing out for bb Tommy in the AsiaFortress Season 11 Grand Final. Yesterday he reinforced that performance by cutting Xenophobiaphobia to bits with No Safeword. He’s ranked higher than ever before now, currently twelfth in the world. The only scouts in front of him at this point are B4nny, Corsa, and Starkie.

Froyotech have seen a very small decrease in score after replacing the outgoing Garbuglio with Botmode. The current score gap between the two soldiers is only 15 points, so really the rankings see this as nothing less than a sideways move for the team.

Now that Hibbleton have lost their roamer, with no clear replacement in sight, the team’s future (and their very existence) is uncertain. Their current rank is based on just the five men they have left, which leaves them about ten positions shy of where they were a week ago.

Froyo are still being reeled in by SE7EN, as are EVL who remain the world’s number-1 team by these metrics. Over the course of the week, the kings of Europe have halved the gap between themselves and EVL, and their deficit to Froyo has come down from 24 points to just eight.

Burger Apocalypse are now ranked as the best team in Asia, partly because of their incredibly enthralling victory over bb Tommy last week, but also because I made amendments to bb Tommy’s roster, namely by replacing B4it with Himari.

Faint Gaming beat Legalize Ranch last week, and for a good few days the former were ranked ahead of their victims. Since then, though, the general ebb and flow of the rankings has seen LR overtake them again just because of the ripple effects of subsequent matches, especially the one in which LR dominated Fable eSports. The rankings therefore believe that, all things being equal, LR ought to be able to draw level with Faint Gaming should they play eachother again soon.

Unexpected are bouncing back and forth between nerdRage and The Absolute Nuts like a ping pong ball. A little while ago they were ranked just above The Absolute Nuts, but then they handsomely beat the Brits and were then ranked just shy of nerdRage. Then, in their match against the Frenchies, they lost both maps and they slipped straight back down the order. Now, after taking a map off of LEGO, they’re back up with nerdRage again.

Dog the Boys are perhaps the biggest movers of the week for two reasons. Firstly, they picked up Arnold as their new medic. Secondly, they beat Jamane on both maps in their match, resulting in some long-awaited gildings for the team’s members. They’re now ranked quite significantly ahead of Jamane as the 25th-best team in the world.


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