Update: Hibbleton catch Legalize Ranch

ESEA Week 2  ETF2L Week 4 ● Ozfortress Week 4 (and a bit of Week 5) ● Overview of Rankings movements

Updated Rankings here

ESEA Week 2

ESEA25 - Hibbleton v FroyotechESEA25 - Whale eSports v Legalize RanchESEA25 - Gnomercy v Faint GamingESEA25 - Froyotech v EVL GamingESEA25 - Whale eSports v Faint GamingESEA25 - Meat Market v Hibbleton

ETF2L Week 4

Arctic Foxes’ match against Antic is due to happen today (Monday). The stats from that will be included in the next update.

ETF2L27 - SE7EN v LEGOETF2L27 - Lowpander v The Absolute NutsETF2L27 - nerdRage v Unexpected

Ozfortress Week 4 (and a bit of Week 5)

OZF19 - Xenophobiaphobia v Nature WalkOZF19 - Damage Inc. v JamaneOZF19 - No Safeword v Dog the BoysOZF19 - Xenophobiaphobia v Jasmine Tea

Overview of Rankings movements

Among the world’s top ten teams, not much has changed over the course of last week. LEGO have slipped back to 12th in the world after SE7EN defeated them convincingly, and they’re now considered by this system to be the fifth-best rather than fourth-best team in Europe, behind Lowpander. These two may well switch back when Lowpander face SE7EN themselves in Week 7.

Speaking of SE7EN, their deficit to the leading NA teams is still closing and closing. The gap between them and EVL has been cut by a quarter from 40 points to 30, and their advance against Froyotech has been even more significant. A week ago they were 37 points behind Froyo, and now that number is just 24. This is less than it was after ESA Rewind. These changes are owed to SE7EN’s solid win over LEGO, and Froyo’s loss to EVL, which leaves the former six points behind the latter.

One NA team that’s made a great leap this week is Hibbleton. They jumped from 23rd in the world all the way to 15th, putting them on the same level as Legalize Ranch. They may have lost to Froyotech last week, but their dominant win over Meat Market has instilled some confidence in the gang.

Xenophobiaphobia have regressed a little in the Rankings after they got narrowly beaten by Nature Walk and thoroughly thrashed by Jasmine Tea. This time last week they were 35 points short of being among Australia’s top four teams. Now that number has ballooned to 88.

Uubers is now ranked higher than ever before. He’s currently considered to be the 21st-best TF2 player in the world, and its fifth-best pocket soldier behind Paddie, YWL, Kaptain, and Geoh.

Deft has overtaken Crud as Australia’s third-best demoman, and he continues to be considered Nature Walk’s best player. Hertz is now ranked higher than ever. A week ago he was ranked 66th in the world, and now he’s up to 49th.

Faint Gaming’s Phlps has already broken into the world’s top 100, and he’s now seen as his team’s best player to the detriment of Sandblast.


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