Predictions for ESEA 25 Week 1, OZF 19 Week 3, & ETF2L 27 Week 3


High Altitude Dreamworld vs. Meat Market

Only a few players involved in this match are familiar to this Ranking system. For Meat Market the situation is unclear enough, but for High Altitude Dreamworld it’s far worse – the only player on their roster it recognises is Okiewaka… and he only has a single match on record.

What this means is that the projection machine has nothing remotely insightful to say about this match-up. It thinks Meat Market will win simply because they’re more familiar to it. I doubt reality will match up to this completely uninformed prediction.

Projection: High Altitude Dreamworld 0.0 – 5.0 Meat Market


“Faint Gaming” vs. High Altitude Dreamworld

This is where things get complicated. First, I’ve put the “Faint Gaming” team in quotation marks because the org has actually picked up Sandblast’s Mario Party 4 roster. Second, the full roster of this old Faint Gaming team (the one with Botmode on it) remains unclear at this point, so it’s impossible to provide a proper prediction for them.

The machine works just fine if you only give it four players, though, and it seems likely that, if the team actually survives into Week 1, they’ll be fielding Scizor, Highfive, Botmode, and Phorofor. The machine assumes the empty spots will be taken up by zero-score unknowns.

Within these limitations, it once again expects the almost totally unknown High Altitude Dreamworld squad to be soundly beaten. Here, such a prediction seems a little more sensible, given the playoff-calibre players expected to turn up with the team that’s no longer called Faint Gaming.

Projection: “Faint Gaming” 5.0 – 0.0 High Altitude Dreamworld


Meat Market vs. Froyotech

This is expected to be Froyotech’s first outing of the new season, and it should be a relatively easy debut. Meat Market is a team with real pedigree, but the projection machine can’t see them putting up enough of a fight to prevent Froyo from rolling them. Such would be a fitting opening result for the reigning champions.

Projection: Meat Market 0.0 – 5.0 Froyotech


Legalize Ranch vs. EVL Gaming

EVL’s opening match might well be more difficult than Froyo’s. Legalize Ranch (previously known as Six Apes) are expected to field the bulk of last season’s Six Apes roster, but with Kryptonite instead of Marmaduke. They should still be very potent, and the machine says that they might well be able to steal a round away from their opponents here. EVL are still heavily favoured, of course, and they shouldn’t have a hugely difficult time here.

Projection: Legalize Ranch 1.0 – 5.0 EVL Gaming


Faint Gaming vs. “Faint Gaming”

This is just getting silly now. Here, Sandblast’s team (Faint Gaming’s true roster previously known as Mario Party 4)  are scheduled to take on the uncertain Botmode team that currently goes by the same name.

Botmode’s team features some serious talent from the top level of ESEA, but again this prediction leaves a couple of blank spots due to roster uncertainties. Even with this, the machine thinks the calibre of their known players means they ought to beat their opponents here. Sandblast’s team have much less of a presence in this system’s rankings, so they’re being treated with a bit of suspicion and the machine is being tentative with their expected score.

Projection: Faint Gaming 1.8 – 5.0 “Faint Gaming”


Whale eSports vs. Gnomercy

Gnomercy is certainly a very exciting prospect this season. There’s no shortage of highly capable players here, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Even with Sighguy on their roster, Whale eSports fall well short of impressing the projection machine to the same degree as their opponents do. They’ve been given just an outside chance of winning a round in this engagement.

Projection: Whale eSports 0.2 – 5.0 Gnomercy


EVL Gaming vs. Faint Gaming

Faint Gaming (that’s Sandblast’s team) have lofty ambitions this season with their goal of making it into the season’s top four. Not even they will be expecting to beat the great EVL Gaming, though. The machine doesn’t expect EVL to have any trouble here, and it thinks Faint Gaming will have done very well indeed if they can take a round.

Projection: EVL Gaming 5.0 – 0.0 Faint Gaming


Gnomercy vs. Legalize Ranch

The Ranking’s preliminary impression of these teams is that they’ll come third and fourth this season, and the projection machine thinks they could produce a decent match together. It favours Gnomercy, with the great calibre of players they’re fielding, but it also thinks Legalize Ranch should be able to win a few rounds in this match. Ultimately, it expects Gnomercy to take the win, possibly with a reasonable degree of comfort.

Projection: Gnomercy 5.0 – 2.2 Legalize Ranch


Nature Walk vs. Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea are ascending through these Rankings pretty rapidly. The two players on the team that don’t have an extensive record within this system, Rocky and Buddah, are building up their reputations week by week, gradually rising through the ranks. It’s still early in the season, though, and the projection machine hasn’t seen enough yet to say that they’re going to be able to beat Nature Walk easily.

Generally, Nature Walk have been overestimated so far. If they get beaten convincingly here, they’ll surely suffer in the Rankings a bit, while Jasmine will continue their ascendancy among the world’s best teams. Based on what it knows, the machine is expecting this to be close. Given the pedigree of Jasmine Tea, though, you could easily be forgiven for expecting a much more one-sided affair.

Projection: Nature Walk 2.1 – 2.9 Jasmine Tea


Jamane vs. Right Wing Death Squad

This system is gradually learning more about what Jamane are capable of. As yet, its opinion hasn’t actually changed much. RWDS have done a solid job so far this season by beating Xeno and taking a couple of rounds off of No Safeword. This is expected to be their easiest outing yet, and the machine thinks there’s little chance of Jamane achieving much in this engagement. If Jamane can win a round, they’ll have done fine.

Projection: Jamane 0.3 – 4.7 Right Wing Death Squad


Dog the Boys vs. Xenophobiaphobia

This is also expected to be a rather one-sided affair. Xenophobiaphobia had a shaky start to the season when they lost to Right Wing Death Squad. They resisted Damage Inc quite well last week, but still ended up losing the match. They should get some respite here, though, against a Dog the Boys roster that has yet to impress. Xeno are expected to dominate this one.

Projection: Dog the Boys 0.1 – 4.9 Xenophobiaphobia


No Safeword vs. Damage Inc.

For the second week in a row, No Safeword are taking on a team that may well be able to make the playoffs. They convincingly saw off RWDS last week and, based on what’s transpired so far, Damage Inc. are probably comparable to that team in terms of raw power.

The projection machine expected RWDS to be able to put up more of a fight than they ultimately could, and this week it’s saying similar things about Damage Inc. It thinks they’re fundamentally capable of winning about half as many rounds as No Safeword in this match.

Projection: No Safeword 3.4 – 1.6 Damage Inc.


LEGO vs. BazookaSports

This will be Puoskari’s first showing since he left Arctic Foxes to join AMS’s team. LEGO have had a victory-filled season so far. Both teams breezed through the pre-season playoffs, but BazookaSports have had a much harder time so far in the main season (albeit against generally tougher opponents than LEGO have had).

We should learn a lot from this match. LEGO beat nerdRage last week while BazookaSports dropped a map to the same team in Week 1. While AMS’s team might look stronger on paper, in reality these two might be very close indeed to eachother.

The projection machine agrees with this sentiment, and it offers just a slim advantage to BazookaSports. They’ve under-performed in relation to these projections so far this season, and a repeat of such a phenomenon here could well lead to more dropped maps.

Projection: LEGO 2.2 – 2.8 BazookaSports


nerdRage vs. SE7EN

SE7EN showed signs of weakness last week against Nunya on Reckoner, and here they’re facing a theoretically stronger team in the same arena. Fundamentally, the machine thinks SE7EN ought to win about four times as many rounds as nerdRage in this match. If things go well for nerdRage, they may be able to exceed that. Likewise, SE7EN could well also conjure up enough raw power to beat nerdRage even harder than this.

Projection: nerdRage 1.1 – 3.9 SE7EN


Unexpected vs. Nunya

Nunya’s acquisition of Iatgink has left them ranked ever so slightly above Unexpected at this point. The British team’s opponents have some very serious weapons in their arsenal, of course, not least Sorex and Adysky who will perhaps be the best players taking part in this match.

The projection machine is expecting a very close one here, and it wouldn’t be at all surprised to see either team come out on top. Perhaps a map win for each team would be the most fitting result if this prediction turns out to be true.

Projection: Unexpected 2.4 – 2.6 Nunya


Arctic Foxes vs. Lowpander

Arctic Foxes have lost Puoskari to BazookaSports, and this match is scheduled for right at the very end of the week so that the team has as much time as possible to sort out a revised roster. At the time of writing, it’s not clear who Puoskari’s replacement will be.

This makes a prediction for this match difficult to make, of course. Here we’ll be taking the Faint Gaming route and assume that Arctic Foxes bring in somebody not present in the Rankings as Puoskari’s replacement, effectively giving us a worst-case scenario. If that happens, the machine favours Lowpander, but not by a big margin. A more established replacement could easily tip the balance back in aF’s favour, so this match could be decided by who exactly is brought in.

Whoever they get, the projection machine is expecting this to be the third very close ETF2L match of the week.

Projection: Arctic Foxes 2.1 – 2.9 Lowpander


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