Predictions for OZF 19 Week 2 & ETF2L 27 Week 2


Jamane vs. Jasmine Tea

Having already made light work of Dog the Boys last week, Jasmine Tea’s campaign is expected to result in another thrashing against Jamane this week. The projection machine has little faith that Jamane will achieve much in this match and thinks we’ll have to wait longer before we’ll see Jasmine Tea properly tested.

Projection: Jamane 0.2 – 4.8 Jasmine Tea


Xenophobiaphobia vs. Damage Inc.

Xenophobiaphobia lost their Week 1 match against Right Wing Death Squad, and their next opponents are expected to be even more difficult opponents. The machine believes that Damage Inc., having defeated Nature Walk last week with a result that easily surpassed what the machine expected of them, should be able to out-score Xeno by a ratio of 4-to-1.

Projection: Xenophobiaphobia 1.0 – 4.0 Damage Inc.


Right Wing Death Squad vs. No Safeword

This system still sees No Safeword as Australia’s best team, so naturally it expects them to win this engagement. RWDS dispatched Xenophobiaphobia quite convincingly last week, but they’re certainly not expected to be able to repeat that feat against No Safeword. If they can win half as many rounds as No Safeword do, they will, according to this projection, have done absolutely fine.

Even though a fairly one-sided match is anticipated, this one is actually expected to be the closest of all of this week’s Ozfortress matches. Don’t be surprised if this ends up being a relatively dull week for Ozfortress.

Projection: Right Wing Death Squad 1.4 – 3.6 No Safeword


Nature Walk vs. Dog the Boys

Dog the Boys had no answer to Jasmine Tea last week, and that result didn’t instill much confidence in the team from this Ranking system. Even though Nature Walk lost to Damage Inc. last week, the machine still has utter faith that they’ll have no trouble with their opponents this time around. Once again it thinks that Dog the Boys will have no chance of preventing a stomp at their expense.

Projection: Nature Walk 5.0 – 0.0 Dog the Boys


Lowpander vs. BazookaSports

Thankfully, Lowpander managed to avoid folding after they forfeited their Week 1 match against Unexpected, and they should be back with a vengeance in Week 2 for their match against BazookaSports. Last week, AMS’s team dropped a map to the new nerdRage roster, which by all accounts is a step down from last season’s. The Rankings think that Lowpander will be a slightly tougher opponent. Nevertheless, it expects BazookaSports to win more rounds in this engagement, but there’s definitely capacity for Lowpander to repeat nerdRage’s feat before them and to steal a map.

Projection: Lowpander 2.0 – 3.0 BazookaSports


LEGO vs. nerdRage

This is a showdown between two teams that, on paper, shouldn’t be as strong as they were when they each last played in Prem. One of them, however, has looked very comfortable despite their revamped roster, and that’s LEGO. The Rankings expect them to be a playoffs-contesting team, with Domo already having proven himself in the team’s Week 1 match against Nunya. There’s little doubt that nerdRage will offer tougher resistance than they did, but ultimately LEGO are expected to emerge from this bout as the victors. However, just like with the Lowpander match, this system does still leave room for nerdRage to perhaps steal a map or at least force a golden cap, thereby possibly depriving LEGO of the full six points.

Projection: LEGO 3.0 – 2.0 nerdRage


Nunya vs. SE7EN

Kaidus has narrowly missed out on getting gilded so far in his short TF2Metrics career, and if that’s going to change anywhere it’s here. This is arguably a match between Prem’s best team and Prem’s worst team, and realistically it’s only going to go one way. The machine thinks SE7EN are unlikely to drop more than one round per map, leading to a comfortable SE7EN victory.

Projection: Nunya 0.9 – 4.1 SE7EN


Arctic Foxes vs. Unexpected

Arctic Foxes faced a pretty rough reality check when SE7EN beat them handily in Week 1, and here they’ll be taking on a fairly new and unproven opponent. If the team’s confidence is shaken, Unexpected might be able to capitalise and steal some points off of their adversaries. The machine thinks that this is unlikely, though, and that Arctic Foxes should have little trouble against Adysky’s new project.

Projection: Arctic Foxes 3.8 – 1.2 Unexpected


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