Update: No Safeword & Jasmine Tea among the world’s top seven

ETF2L Week 1 ● Ozfortress Week 1

Updated Rankings here

ETF2L Week 1

ETF2L27 - Nunya vs LEGO

The new ETF2L season began this week with Nunya vs. LEGO. The imperious victory by the latter really was reminiscent of the raw power that LEGO had when they last played in Prem a couple of seasons ago. All players on the team were gilded, meaning LEGO have risen up into ninth place in the rankings, comfortably ahead of such European rivals as nerdRage and Lowpander.

Lowpander were supposed to take on Unexpected this week, which should presumably have been one of the former’s less difficult outings in the group stage, but they actually ended up forfeiting to their opponents. This means Unexpected have opened their season with a perfect score of six points against a team that might otherwise have had every right to beat them.

ETF2L27 - nerdRage vs BazookaSports

AMS’s new project, BazookaSports, faced nerdRage in their first match of the season proper. The French squad did well to take Process off of their opponents, but BazookaSports, with Ondkaja mercing for Serotone, returned the favour on Badlands. This has to be an encouraging result for nerdRage who in the off-season looked like they weren’t even going to survive this long.

ETF2L27 - Arctic Foxes vs SE7EN

The biggest match of the week was definitely the one between SE7EN and Arctic Foxes, the former coming into it with their recent triumph over their rivals in the Faceit tournament still a fresh memory. There was no repeat of that victory, however, with SE7EN taking two very comfortable wins on both maps. Kaidus narrowly missed out on getting gilded for the first time in this match because Adamracek had slightly too many kills and slightly too few deaths.

Everyone else on the team did successfully get gilded, but they’re actually still ranked behind Arctic Foxes (although they did at least halve their deficit). After this match it’s clear that this assessment is not accurate, and this discrepancy should sort itself out when Kaidus’s hit-rate inevitably moves to a more representative value. There’s no more likely place for that to happen than in their upcoming Week 2 match against Nunya.

Ozfortress Week 1

OZF19 - Dog the Boys vs Jasmine Tea

Ozfortress opened with one of the most renowned names in TF2 history, Jasmine Tea, facing off against a team that isn’t quite there yet, Dog the Boys. This turned out to be one of the projection machine’s best calls of the week, anticipating nothing other than a 5-0 stomp, which is exactly what we got.

With all six members of the team gilded, Jamsine Tea have soared in the Rankings. In one match alone they’ve gone from a tentative nineteenth (principally because Buddah was unknown at the time) to seventh-best in the world. Dog the Boys, meanwhile, remain dead last among all the ranked teams.

OZF19 - No Safeword vs Jamane

They’re not yet considered to be the best team that Australia has to offer, though, because those honours still belong to No Safeword. Just like Jasmine Tea, they made light work of their opponents in their Week 1 match, in which their opponents were Jamane, another new team.

While we wait for Kaidus to build up a more representative CV, No Safeword’s victory has given the Rankings enough confidence to say that they’re better than any team in Europe – an interesting claim indeed. They’re only topped by last season’s EVL and Froyotech rosters, and that’s not likely to change when the new ESEA season starts and I unfreeze the Invite teams, as both Froyo and EVL are expected to be even more high-scoring with their new rosters than they were with last season’s.

OZF19 - Xenophobiaphobia vs RWDS

We also learned more about how well Xenophobiaphobia can fare without Paulsen. Their opening match against Right Wing Death Squad ended in a hard-fought defeat in a result that was foreseen by the projection machine. Although RWDS is probably one of the better teams in Prem, this match shows that it won’t be easy for Xeno to make playoffs again unless things improve for them.

OZF19 - Nature Walk vs Damage Inc

The Nature Walk vs. Damage Inc. match was certainly the most embarrassing one for the projection machine. Last week it anticipated a Nature Walk victory, but this was because some of the players I gave it were wrong. Even with the twelve players who actually took part, it still only expected a reasonably narrow win for Damage Inc. What we actually saw from them was a dominant victory, dropping only a single round across both maps. This means Damage Inc. are now ranked higher than ever – currently residing just outside the world’s top ten and third-best in Australia.

Based on the generally lower standard of entries in Saturday’s NA Faceit tournament (in comparison to the EU one), I’ve decided not to put either the semi-finals or final on record.


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