Update: SE7EN lose Alle and plummet

EU teams now updated in the Rankings ● Kaidus replaces Alle at SE7EN, causing Perminators to fold ● Huge positional changes for EU teams in Rankings ● Changes for Froyotech and EVL ● bb Tommy vs. Burger Apocalypse

Updated Rankings here

EU teams now updated in the Rankings

With the rosters of the highest-level European teams now more or less sorted out for the upcoming season, it’s now about time I got rid of the old teams from last season in the Rankings and replaced them with the new ones. I’ve included eleven teams in total – the four guaranteed to return in Prem next season and the seven still in contention in the Pre-Season Playoffs.

Harking back to my introductory post, any Pre-Season Playoffs match that results in a team getting promoted to Prem will be added to the records here on TF2Metrics. This means none of the matches so far have gone on record and so they have no influence on the Rankings. The final two Upper Bracket rounds and final two Lower Bracket rounds will all go on record, though, as it’s those that will result in promotions. Those are due to start happening tomorrow.

Kaidus replaces Alle at SE7EN, causing Perminators to fold

There should still be an eighth team contending the Playoffs, Perminators, but their Season 27 campaign came to a premature end in a sequence of events that began with the sudden withdrawal of Alle from SE7EN. Kaidus, long associated with the team, has returned to their active roster to fill the empty space, thereby leaving Perminators without one of their key members. Having been beaten yesterday by Unexpected, and today facing the prospect of taking on Nunya with half their team missing, Perminators have instead bowed out.

Huge positional changes for EU teams in Rankings

By far the most significant change in the Rankings to come from all this is that SE7EN have dropped like a rock down the order. This system barely knows Kaidus at this point and, like it is with all unfamiliar players, it’s very suspicious of him at this stage. He’ll have plenty of time to build a good reputation when the season starts, but for now he’s holding SE7EN back fiercely in the Rankings. Fortunately, as rusty as he may have looked at times so far, he can only move up from where he currently resides right at the very bottom.

Even when Alle was still on the team, Froyotech were steadily closing and closing on SE7EN over the last few months. With things the way they are now, though, SE7EN have dropped from first to sixth in the Rankings, meaning they’ve not only lost their status as World #1, but also Europe’s #1.

Arctic Foxes have acquired Murje, of Sauna Slayers fame, over the off-season to replace Feeling. He’s actually ranked slightly higher than the German, so Arctic Foxes have seen a slight score rise since we last saw them in action in Season 26. With SE7EN facing uncertainty and instability, Arctic Foxes are, for now at least, seen as the team most likely to win ETF2L Season 27. Once Kaidus settles in, expect this to change.

nerdRage is another team that’s faced uncertainty recently after Blade left the team. This led to a game of musical chairs within the team that’s resulted in Namtac moving to scout and Elacour coming in to replace him on demo. I think Medico is still officially on the team, but I’ve not seen much of him in the team’s scrims. Their current place in the Rankings, seventh, is based on the assumption that Medico will stick around.

Even though the shock waves rippling through SE7EN have caused Europe to lose a great deal of representation at the very top of the Rankings, there are still three European teams in the world’s top seven.

AMS’s Team and LEGO are the two top-ranked teams among the bunch that haven’t yet got a Prem spot secured. LEGO’s placement could be considered overgenerous, since it puts them above Lowpander. The latter team has picked up Funs since last season, replacing Grenjabob, and Crayon has come in to replace Kissakala. This has led to a small net gain in the Rankings for them.

Unexpected have been placed just north of the revised Nunya roster, even though several of its members are unknown to the Rankings. The records of Sorex and Adysky contribute a great deal to raising them as high as they are despite this. These two are trailed reasonably closely by BrainSense.

The last two teams, Loli Squad and ★★★½, are so unknown to this system that they find themselves right at the bottom, simply because not enough is known about them to warrant giving them a more interesting spot.

Changes for Froyotech and EVL

Changes are not merely confined to Europe, though. In North America, Froyotech and EVL are seeing changes. The main season is too far off, and the uncertainty is still too high, for me to unfreeze their rosters in the Rankings for now, but the changes can still be discussed.

What’s known for certain is that Freestate and Nursey have left Froyotech. Nursey seems to be EVL-bound to the detriment of Cookiejake, while the void she left at Froyotech is to be filled by the great Shade. It looks like B4nny is returning to scout to replace Freestate, and it might well be Marmaduke stepping in to replace him on pocket.

Meanwhile at EVL, Garbuglio appears to be out and Rando is moving to roamer, opening the pocket role for Paddie in a move that almost seems too good to be true. The fact that EVL appears likely to survive the off-season at all is, to me at least, a very pleasant surprise.

I don’t think these changes are final yet, but if they’re taken to be true then there are of course Rankings implications – and they’re quite interesting. The changes to Froyotech would see them drop by just a few points in the Rankings, going from 772 to 769. EVL, however would rise from 753 all the way to 775, which is exactly what SE7EN were on before they lost Alle.

In short, this means that EVL might have just become the best team in the world.

bb Tommy vs. Burger Apocalypse

AF11 - UBF - bb Tommy vs Burger Apocalypse

AsiaFortress Season 11 finally got underway again at the end of last week with the Upper Bracket Final. bb Tommy made light work of their opponents on Process, but Burger Apocalypse showed great tenacity and clawed back a very hotly-contested victory over the subsequent two maps. They head straight for the final, while bb Tommy will take on P00tis for the right to join them.



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