Update: Hugs.tf, important upcoming dates

SE7EN vs. Reason showmatch ● Start dates for upcoming ETF2L, ESEA, & Ozfortress seasons ● TF2Metrics content for the new season

Updated Rankings here

AsiaFortress remains at a standstill for now from what I can tell, but luckily we all got a monumental TF2 fix recently courtesy of Hugs.tf. They gave us some exemplary showmatches between a plethora of legendary players, one of which was SE7EN vs. Reason. You may remember the guidelines from my introductory post which determine what matches go on record and influence the Rankings. Showmatches between top teams are among them.

Hugstf - SE7EN vs Reason

The matches on Day 2 don’t really fit in that category since those players were by and large just paying a passing visit, but the SE7EN vs. Reason match, featuring active players, does fit the bill. It may not have been taken 100% seriously 100% of the time, but both teams were clearly making an effort to win. That match has therefore gone on record, the results of which include SE7EN dropping further into the clutches of Froyotech in the Rankings.

News has arisen recently regarding the upcoming seasons in ETF2L, ESEA, and Ozfortress. Of the three, we’re expecting ETF2L to be the first to give us some official matches when the pre-season Premiership Playoffs are set to begin this weekend. Here, we should see the first proper outings for some of the exciting new teams that have formed recently in Europe, including AMS’s and Buttnose’s new teams. They, and others, will be competing to win a spot in the Season 27 Premiership division. The main season is due to begin the following week.

Absent, sadly, will be nerdRage – a team that was at the zenith of its meteoric rise to prominence in Europe, and consisted of some splendid players. Losing this invariably popular team is a pity, but there are plenty of capable folk ready and willing to fill their boots in Prem. As if we needed any more good news, Ombrack says nerdRage still has life in it yet and should survive the off-season! It looks like Namtac is switching to scout and Elacour, formerly of Lemmings fame, is stepping in to replace him on demo. Apparently Sorex, also a Lemmings refugee, might be replacing Schocky at Arctic Foxes.

Ozfortress is apparently set to roar back into life that same week. Here, we’ll find out for sure if the burgeoning reformed Jasmine Tea roster we’ve seen glimpses of recently is a properly serious prospect.

That will be quickly followed by ESEA’s expected start date on the 28th, where we’ll surely see the return of Froyotech with some definite changes to their scout lineup after Freestate hung up his hat after last season.

All in all, from a viewer’s perspective, these are the dates that count:

  • ETF2L Pre-season Prem Playoffs: May 13th – 20th
  • ETF2L Season 27 begins: May 21st
  • Ozfortress Season 19 begins: May 21st
  • ESEA Season 25 begins: May 28th

When these seasons begin, I’ll update all the relevant rosters you see in the Rankings and replace the now outdated ones that pertain to last season. Shortly before each region kicks off, I’ll make a Season Preview article about the Rankings’ impressions of what the pecking order might be (and I can tell you that they have a habit of being wildly inaccurate at the beginning of seasons, so it should be fun). On top of that, I’ll try to make a projections post for each region for every week of the regular season, in which the upcoming group stage matches of that week will be simulated by the projection machine. Again, we can expect some nutty conclusions there in the early stages of the season.


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