Update: Ozfortress Prem and ESEA-IM conclude

Ozfortress Grand Final ● ESEA-I Upper Bracket Final ● ESEA-IM Grand Final ● Subtle movements at the top

Updated Rankings here

Over the latter half of last week we’ve seen four important games. One of these was the Grand Final of Asiafortress Division 2, however no logs were available for this match. That means there’s no data to put into the system so this match hasn’t gone on record when otherwise it would have.

OZ18 - GF -No Safeword vs Mad Men

That leaves three matches since the last update that influenced the Rankings. The first of these was the Ozfortress Prem Grand Final where Mad Men were tasked with taking down the obelisk that is No Safeword. The latter has very much picked up where Jasmine Tea and the Hardies before it left off. Their winning streak didn’t come to and end in the Grand Final where they beat their challengers handily. Mad Men were playing without their usual scout combo of Ohai and V4na in this match, with Teejay and Vanquish stepping in to replace them. Ohai returned for the third and final map, Viaduct, in the place of Vanquish, and it was probably here that No Safeword looked the least comfortable.

ESEA24 - UBF - EVL vs Froyotech

Next, we were served a fourth helping of the sweetest dish ESEA-I can serve when EVL Gaming once again locked horns with Froyotech. Beginning on Snakewater, EVL were quick to draw blood and were able to hold on to an early advantage to take a map off of their great rivals for the first time all season. Ultimately it wouldn’t convert into a match win, but their performance bodes well for the presumed rematch that awaits in the Grand Final. Despite Rando and Yomps playing what are really eachother’s classes rather than their own, the former was able, through a superior KA:D, to prevent B4nny from getting gilded – a rare occasion. The Lower Bracket Final is due tonight, and will feature EVL and Jamal E-Sports.

ESEAIM24 - GF - Dexters Lab vs Running with Scizors

Yesterday we were shown one of the closest TF2 matches in recent history when Running with Scizors took on Dexters Lab in the ESEA Intermediate Grand Final. On the opening Snakewater map, half-time came with RwS 3-0 up. Half-time on the second map, Sunshine, came with Dexters Lab 3-0 up. The final scores for both maps were the same however – a narrow 4-5 victory for Running with Scizors. That means they’re all set for a promotion to Invite next season – a division their team name and much of their roster aren’t strangers to. Both teams now have a presence in the Rankings.

Despite having a bit of trouble early on in their match against EVL, Froyotech’s showing in the Upper Bracket Final has caused their deficit to SE7EN in the Rankings to shrink ever so slightly from 12 points to 11. EVL are a further 18 adrift. Froyotech have one match left in the season and if they can win it dominantly, they may stand a chance of dethroning SE7EN as what this system sees as the world’s number-1 team.

No Safeword are as close to the top three as they’ve ever been, 31 points behind EVL, after their season ended in ultimate victory. Yewl meanwhile has very much broken into the top ten players as top Aussie. Geoh, on Asia’s Burger Apocalypse roster, may yet have something to say about that in the coming week or two.


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