Update: Mad Men #5, bb Tommy surge

ESEA playoffs begin ● Playoffs continue in AsiaFortress ● Ozfortress semi-final ● Gamers Assembly ● Ozfortress IM Grand Final ● Other little Rankings updates

Updated Rankings here

Sorry for the delay since the last post. I’m back home again after a week away and it’s taken me a few days to get back up to speed with TF2 happenings. Everything’s all in order now and the records are up-to-date once again.

ESEA playoffs begin

First things first, I made a small error in my ESEA Playoffs Predictions post from a couple of weeks ago regarding seeding. I’d assumed Jamal E-Sports would enter Playoffs as the number-3 team since they’d never been beaten by Six Apes, but actually, I think through calculations involving round wins, Six Apes were placed above them. What this means is that, contrary to the structure I used in the post, it was EVL who faced Six Apes rather than Froyo, and Froyo who faced Jamal E-Sports rather than EVL in the opening two rounds. Fortunately, since EVL and Froyo are ranked closely, the predicted results wouldn’t have been very different anyway had I got this right.

The opening match of the playoffs saw Six Apes take on EVL. Although the latter swept the first map 5-0, Six Apes offered a serious challenge on Gullywash before ultimately being beaten in a hard-fought 5-4. Corsa, Bdonski, and Cookiejake got gilded in this match.

The next day, Jamal E-Sports were paired with Froyotech. The latter took a convincing victory, winning a total of ten rounds to Jamal E-Sports’ one. Every member of Froyotech was gilded in this match except for Blaze, who was blocked by the raw damage of Botmode.

The subsequent Lower Bracket round, featuring Six Apes and Jamal E-Sports, has also since taken place. Once again it was a two-map affair with Six Apes bettered on Snakewater and Sunshine 5-1 each time. All of Jamal E-Sports got gilded except for Phorofor who was bested in heals-per-minute by Bear.

This loss means Six Apes has been eliminated from contention, and now Jamal E-Sports await the result of the Upper Bracket Final to find out what their poison will be when they contest the Lower Bracket Final.

Since the three matches so far have all gone more-or-less as expected, there hasn’t been any noteworthy movement from these four teams in the Rankings. Froyo’s deficit to SE7EN, though, has decreased from 16 points to 12.

Playoffs continue in AsiaFortress

bb Tommy faced HBZB in what was their opening match of the playoffs. Newly-acquired Teejay made his opening appearance on bb Tommy in the spot previously occupied by Himari, while HBZB featured a slightly mixed-up roster that didn’t include Hwain. Sunshine offered a close contest, ending in a 4-3 win for bb Tommy, and led into a 6-1 win, also for bb Tommy, on Gullywash. Teejay, Kcot, Jigglesaur, and B4it were all gilded in this match for bb Tommy, and so too did HBZB’s Wekeed, on this occasion playing pocket.

This victory, plus the high-profile acquisition of Teejay, has left bb Tommy as by far the biggest mover in the Rankings over the past week or so, skyrocketing from 17th to 9th in the world and 1st in Asia. This puts them in front of all but the top two ESEA teams. The accuracy of this assertion is, of course, highly debatable. Regardless, bb Tommy progressed to the Upper Bracket while HBZB were sent to the Lower Bracket to face P00tis.

That match happened a few days ago and it was far from one-sided. The scores were 4-5 on Sunshine and 1-2 on Snakewater, both in P00tis’s favour. This means HBZB are the first team to be knocked out of Playoffs. Some could consider this an upset, but this match result was foreshadowed when these teams first met in Week 2, where Process ended in a 2-1 P00tis victory and Gullywash a 4-4 draw. In the end, two players from each team were gilded – LK and Daylight for HBZB and Fwishy and Shinka for P00tis.

The next match will see bb Tommy face Burger Apocalypse in the Upper Bracket Final.

Ozfortress semi-final

In the penultimate Prem match of the season, Mad Men faced Xenophobiaphobia for the right to challenge No Safeword in the Grand Final. I think we were all anticipating a close match here, but what we actually got was a relatively one-sided affair. Xenophobiaphobia looked tough on Snakewater but couldn’t prevent Mad Men from taking a 4-1 win on that map. Process was even less kind to them, and their fate was sealed in a 5-0 loss against Mad Men, knocking them out of the competition. Every member of Mad Men was gilded except Moop who, understandably, struggled to out-damage Paulsen.

This victory in what probably should have been a closer match has boosted Mad Men to fifth in the world in the rankings, ahead of Arctic Foxes. They’re actually not a million miles away from No Safeword at this point, but it’s still in little doubt who the favourites are going into the Grand Final.

Gamers Assembly

Smallish-scale regional LANs get entries in the records just like the huge international ones do, just fewer of them. For Gamers Assembly, I’ve added only the data from the Grand Final into the system.

This match featured what was by all accounts an upset when Windtunnel Tactics gave the local nerdRage squad a pretty serious thrashing. Nuze’s squad, featuring himself on demo, Honey on medic, Zesty on pocket, Papi on roamer, and Funs and Chris on scout, took the match in two maps and only let nR take a single round.

The simulation from my projection machine left it expecting nerdRage to take a comfortable victory, giving an exact score balance of 3.8-1.2 before I fed it the actual match data. Funs, Chris, and Honey were gilded for WT, as was Medico for nR. I’ve also added Windtunnel Tactics to the Team Rankings.

Ozfortress IM Grand Final

While we await the conclusion of OzFortress’s Prem division (scheduled tomorrow), the Intermediate division is already done and dusted. The Grand Finals of the second division down in all regions are added to the TF2Metrics records, and this particular match saw Brave Loyal and Kind take on Twig’s Bundles (the latter fielding the great Yui on pocket).

Despite the presence of an accomplished international LAN attendee, Twig’s Bundles couldn’t quite match their opponents on the day and lost the match 3-4 on Granary and 1-4 on Process. BL&K’s Hirast, Berko, and Yukari were all gilded in this match, as were Yui and Remorse on Twig’s Bundles. Both of the teams have been added to the Team Rankings, and all the players are now featured in the Player Rankings, too. Based only on the data from this match, the system has in fact (in what’s nothing more than a guess) placed BL&K just in front of World’s Blankiest Blank from the Prem division.

Other little Rankings updates

With every new match added to the records, the then 301st-most-recent one stops contributing to peoples’ ranks. With the matches above complete, i58 has now been completely erased from living memory and nothing that happened there affects the Rankings any longer. At the time of writing, the records that still affect the Rankings extend back to September 1st 2016.

As a result of this, B4nny’s hit-rate now lies at a pretty astonishing 93%. He has 42 matches on record, and in only three of those did he fail to exceed his opposing counterpart in both damage and KA:D.

The abandoning of i58 has also revealed something about Adamracek. His current tally of 7 gildings from 11 matches exactly matches that of Spudd who got his tally in an ETF2L-winning season with Crowns (plus one outing last season). Although this system is nowhere near authoritative enough to concretely say that they’re therefore equal in raw quality, it’s still a pretty neat achievement.


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