Update: The top four are bunching up

Playoffs begin in Asia and Australia ● Rankings movement ● ETF2L’s Season 27 lineup begins to take shape

Three matches have taken place since I last updated the Rankings list. First, Asia’s Burger Apocalypse defeated P00tis iz Kil in the opening round of this season’s Asiafortress playoffs. Next, No Safeword made light work of Xenophobiaphobia in the opening round of the Ozfortress playoffs. Finally, fellow Aussies Mad Men knocked Damage Inc. out of contention and they will face down Xenophobiaphobia next for the right to take on No Safeword in the Grand Final.

These matches have driven some movement in the Rankings. No Safeword’s dominant win over Xenophobiaphobia was highly appreciated by the Rankings, and they’re now closer to EVL Gaming in third place than they are to Arctic Foxes in fifth.

Because the European scene is now effectively in hibernation until the next season begins, SE7EN aren’t expected to have any opportunities to pull clear of Froyotech any time soon. With ESEA’s playoffs due to begin soon, their Number-1 status could be put under threat by Froyotech (or indeed EVL) depending on how they do. Once all the regional seasons finish and effectively become synced up, the top four in the rankings could be pretty close to eachother.

Over the last couple of days there have been huge developments regarding the face of the next season of ETF2L. Buttnose has formed a team of six old men that, should they be believed, intend to contest in next season’s Premiership. He’s joined by Svmzi, Cookye, Rising, Kaidus, and Permzilla. Lowpander caused a stir last season when they added Cookye to their roster, but ultimately the legendary Finn remained elusive. With Buttnose’s team, he’s already gone a step further than that by making an appearance, along with all his team mates, in an actual match.

On that particular occassion they were scrimming against (most of) Adysky’s new ChampGG roster (although whether they’ll still be using that name come Season 27 is uncertain), which also includes Mercyless.

The formation of a successor team to last season’s ChampGG.K! is excellent news, but the creation of a whole new team comprised only of long-established and highly successful talent is a rare thing indeed. If we end up seeing this in the flesh come Season 27, it could represent a significant step forward in skill standard. However, past performance is no guarantee of future results. The only player on their roster to have played recently enough to have an entry in the current Rankings is Buttnose. As far as the Rankings are concerned, Svmzi, Cookye, Rising, Kaidus, and Permzilla are strangers. For all it knows, they’re a bunch of random High players. By the metrics used here, their great names alone grant them nothing, and they’ll be judged only on their stats in their upcoming official matches.

I’m going to be away for the next eight days, so there shouldn’t be any new updates during that time. The Asiafortress and Ozfortress playoffs will continue through that timeframe, and ESEA’s are due to begin as well.


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