Rankings Update (26-Mar-2017)

The ETF2L Premiership Season has just concluded with a not unexpected SE7EN victory, dispatching Arctic Foxes in two maps in much the same way they did in the Upper Bracket Final. The machine’s prediction from yesterday was proven to be pretty accurate, not that it was a particularly difficult prediction to make for anybody familiar with the teams. Four of SE7EN’s players were gilded in the final, with the two exceptions being their scout duo, who were blocked from gilding honours by Schocky’s KA:D and Maros’s DPM. My ranking system continues to predict that SE7EN are the best team in the world, 18 points clear of Froyotech in second and 35 clear of EVL in third.

Earlier in the season things were starting to get hot between Froyo and EVL, with the latter slowly but surely reeling the world champion team in in the rankings. This trend peaked when EVL were able to oust Froyo in the TFTV New Map Cup, which prompted this ranking system to place EVL just seven points shy of Froyo in the overall rankings. Since then, Froyo have reasserted their dominion over their great rival in ESEA matches, a trend they continued this week, and the gap has since steadily opened up again, now resting at 17.

Even though Arctic Foxes have now beaten nerdRage handily twice over, this system is still reluctant to give aF precedence over nR. It believes nerdRage underperformed in their matches against this season’s runners-up, but the split it’s put between them is tiny – just three points. That will drift naturally throughout the off-season as older matches continue to get wiped from the record.

I’ve also added AMS’s new mystery team to the rankings, as their ETF2L page now lists all but one player of their supposed line-up, leaving them still apparently wanting for a roamer. It seems to me that Europe has a shortage of top roamers at this point (in contrast to its supply of pocket soldiers which, by my reckoning, is the envy of the world). Damneasy is a free agent but I think he’s been expressing little interest in playing in sixes again next season. Thaigrr (aka Walker) is on their roster but he’s apparently unable to commit the time needed next season and is therefore listed only as a buddy. Rising could still be a possibility, though.

Based only on the five known players (AMS, Smirre, Serotone, Funs, and Scrab), their preliminary score currently sits at 642. This will change once their roamer is confirmed, and if it’s Rising the team’s score will actually go down due to the doubt simulation that’s built into this system – it doesn’t know who Rising is, and it would take him a few matches to build a representative reputation. For now, though, the rankings think AMS’s team ought to be able to challenge Arctic Foxes and nerdRage if they can get a solid roamer.

Xenophobiaphobia and Mad Men produced a good match this week, with the former taking victory despite this system being in the belief that the latter is the superior prospect (albeit not by a huge margin). The projection machine expected a narrow Mad Men victory here.

Victory or Riot drew against Nature Walk, including a 5-0 victory on Granary, and they’re as high up in the rankings as they’ve been all season (but still 16 points behind Nature Walk, although that could change with time).

Damage Inc. made light work of Salt Free Gaming, leading to yet another gilding for Crud. He really stands out on his team by the metrics of this system – six gildings from eleven on-record appearances. With a record like that, this system ranks Crud in the same breath as Smirre and Sighguy. Make of that what you will.

As well as the top level of each region, the High/IM/equivalent finals also go on the record for these rankings. ETF2L’s High final is yet to happen, but when it does we’ll see those players and teams added to the rankings (but their placements, by and large, won’t be very well-informed).

The oldest matches still on record are still those from i58. I can tell you that B4nny’s hit-rate is only going to go up as more of the event is wiped from memory. Great players from the tournament who have largely been elusive since then, such as Mike and Astt, are now really starting to plummet in the rankings on their way to becoming unranked. Losing i58 is good news for some, however. International LANs like Insomnia are the most difficult arenas imaginable to get gilded in, especially when you’re on the lower-level teams there like Xenex and Comfortably Spanked. With these outings gradually being forgotten, people like Smirre are seeing their stocks rise.

To close, I’ve run tonight’s showdown between Jamal E-Sports and EVL Gaming through the projection machine. As you might imagine, it significantly favours EVL:

Jamal E-Sports 1.5 : 3.5 EVL Gaming

Seeing as one team is likely to hit five rounds, the ultimate score is most likely to be 2-5 if the machine is to be trusted.


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